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Bethany La Deaux 

At only 15 years of age, artist and songwriter Bethany LaDeaux is already paving the way toward a successful music career. She’s been listening to music, writing music, and singing ever since she can remember. Music has been Bethany’s greatest passion.

My Heart Belongs To Country Music Showcase 

The Artist Development Network in Nashville is proud to present "MY HEART BELONGS TO COUNTRY MUSIC" showcase, featuring 3 talented songwriter artists, Lena Paige, Jeff Huseman, and Christopher Essex! These are 3 different artists with their own style and sound.

William Shatner & Jeff Cook

Why not, William Shatner? 

I've got a better question for you... Why not, William Shatner?! Mr. Shatner has joined the Country Music Scene and we are overjoyed! And, he didn't just join us. He came in full force with great material, and amazing collaboration. This man was not messing around. Now to his message. WHY NOT ME. We look around …

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Exclusive: The honest, raw, cutting – Preston Ary 

Hailing from West Plains, Missouri Preston Ary has most recently been bit by the Music City bug. His intense, unforgettable voice combined with his talent as a songwriter is now making his mark on the Country Music scene. Preston started his career at seventeen, playing in a local Christian band, all the while developing his …

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Twist of Lemmon Music signs Steven Wilhelm 

Twist of Lemmon Music is pleased to announce the recent signing of the impressive and versatile songwriter, Steven Wilhelm. Under the terms of the contract, Steven has agreed to a co-publishing contract representing his two original songs, co-written by Rick Hadjuk, entitled “Do What Lovers Do” and “I Fell in Love with You”. Both songs …

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The Resurgence of Southern Rock… Thanks to Kris Bell! 

I went to see Kris and his band perform live at THE REVELRY in Hendersonville, TN recently and it was a FANTASTIC show! They gave an A+ performance complete with non-stop energy and insane talent!!! Kris Bell offers brazen guitar power, often leaving us all with our mouths agape. But it didn't end there! Kris Bell …

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ADN Welcomes Sabrina Fallah! 

Sabrina Fallah Cathy Lemmon and the staff of the Artist Development Network is excited to be representing Canadian ROCK artist SABRINA FALLAH. From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada comes a hot new rock artist, Sabrina Fallah. A natural on stage with her polished vocals to her guitar playing, this talented singer-songwriter has a powerful voice and a lot of …

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Writer’s Night 

Nashville, TN offers one of the most unique and valuable experiences for aspiring songwriters as well as singers. "Open Mic Writer's Nights" are offered at many of the venues around town, giving artists and songwriters the opportunity to sing on stage in front of a live audience. It's a wonderful way to measure how well the …

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Linda Marie; Artist of the Year, Sweden 2015! 

Congratulations to Swedish Country Crossover artist Linda Marie on winning "The artist of the year 2015" (Magic 828 Radio; Sweden)! Linda has made several trips to Nashville to make her dreams a reality! She has been writing with many of Nashville's seasoned songwriters, and she had to honor of working with Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells to …

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Country Music Outside the USA 

As the CEO of an artist development company and a publishing catalog it is my job to stay up on the latest trends in the music industry. One of the places I go to stay up to date is BMI's Music World. The July 28th article Writing and Placing Songs Internationally is a "must read" …

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Veteran Performance Coach Reveals His #1 Live Performance Tip 

Buzzy Orange began entertaining live audiences way back in 1964. Since then he's gone on to coach some of the biggest names in Nashville. I recently sat down with Buzzy and asked him for his best tips on how to connect with live audiences. Here's what Buzzy revealed in our 9-minute interview… His #1 live …

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Grammy-Winning Producer Shares His Music Business Insights 

Over the last 20 years I've seen incredible changes in the music industry. I never dreamed it would be so cheap and easy to set up a home recording studio. Now anyone and everyone is calling themselves a "producer" because they have a little studio in their basement. These home studios are fine for recording demos but if …

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