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Songwriter, Gustavo Perales

June 12, 2021


A very Happy 4th of July is coming up next month. May we continue to celebrate the blessings we enjoy for living in this great land of liberty; AMERICA.

Cathy Lemmon, president of the Artist Development Network in Nashville, TN congratulates songwriter Gustavo Perales for writing this beautiful and powerful song, “FROM PAST TO PRESENT”.

This song is in honor of all our men and women from around the country who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis, to protect and defend our great United States of America. 

As a tribute, “From Past to Present” is a wonderful tribute to all of those who have, are, and will defend our rights, privileges, and freedoms... to keep our country safe and free.

This song has even more meaning and significance because two of Gustavo and his wife Ivonne's four sons are currently serving in the military.

It's very real and personal to their family, and you can feel it.

Attached are a few pictures of Gustavo and Ivonne Perales with their children.

God Bless America!

Cathy Lemmon


Artist Development Network

Cathy came to Nashville with nothing and learned everything the hard way. Over the last 2 decades, she’s been been lucky enough to work Nashville with some of the biggest talents in the industry. Walking others through their music journey has been her true joy and is as natural to her as breathing. Cathy offers the tools needed to better prepare, compete, and create goals towards becoming the next big star (along with real expectations).

The Perales Family

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