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"Cathy Lemmon’s Artist Development Network reminded me of the feeling one get’s from buying an expensive motorcar; such as a Lamborghini or Maserati."

I came to this conclusion after experiencing the thrill of enjoyment from listening to the carefully assembled components required in a finely tuned and engineered masterpiece. In my case; masterpieces not of cars, but of musical composition.

Musical composition composed and arranged by highly talented and skilled artists including songwriter’s Scott Sanford, C.J. Watson, Corey Barker, Bill Diluigi, and Jan Buckingham.  I was fortunate enough to employ and collaborate with these writers sufficiently enough to allow my name spoken in conjunction with theirs as a co-writer; nevertheless, it was their genius and talent that lofted me to a commercial radio quality sound.These skilled artists; however, we’re only the beginning of the journey: the fine tuning and beautiful paint job we’re no less amazing. It was awe inspiring to witness the skills of the Studio Musicians at Studio who made the musical compositions come to life. The living music was then blessed by the vocal sensations of Jason Eustice and Adam Cunningham.In the end, all I can say is, “I may own this beautiful work; however, I am only remotely responsible for its beauty and soul moving rhythm.

Special Thanks to Cathy Lemmon who conducted and orchestrated this thrill of a lifetime and was selfless in her efforts to make me and my friend feel right at home during this seamless musical enterprise. I fully expect that the songs RED, CURVES, VACATION and WHO NEEDS WHISKEY will fill millions of people with enjoyment as they listen to radio stations and patronize country bars and hangouts around the world. Hopefully they will be toe tapping, line-dancing and two stepping to these song’s for years to come."

Cheers to ya’ll

Stephen James (Easterly)

"I’ll always be grateful to Cathy Lemmon for believing in my talent and wanting to work with me in the first place."

ADN has offered me as an artist an amazingly talented crew of songwriters, engineers and producers to work with, which has helped me cultivate my songwriting and artistic performance really fast.

I am very pleased with my studio recordings at Kent Wells Productions, my music video; produced by Liquid Crystal Productions and the whole experience of working with ADN.

Linda Skoog

“Many Doors Have Opened"

Because of a showcase put on by The Artist Development Network and the guests invited, I was approached by a well-known and very talented songwriter who invited me to write with him. As a result from our writing and the making of my CD, many doors have opened to further my career.

The Artist Development Network has been responsible for many important introductions, and I am much farther along in my career as a result. I value both the personal and business relationship."

Thank you, Cathy.

Jesse Lee, Atlantic Recording Artist

"Thank you Cathy for all your help and support, and being so positive and motivating."

Going from Canada to Nashville, Tennessee to work with Cathy Lemmon was a great experience.

Through her, I met amazing people and made great friends. I worked with a brilliant team and learned a lot from each and every one of them.

I really liked how everything turned out in the end. I would definitely go back. I really enjoyed having this opportunity to go to Nashville to work on my music with such great people in the music industry. Everyone was extremely professional, respectful and very kind.

Sabrina Fallah

“Challenging and Unbelievably Rewarding”

My experience with the Artist Network Development was both challenging and unbelievably rewarding, and one that I’ll never forget. It’s been a great way to start my career in the music business mainly because of the tremendous support I received from working with the incredibly professional and creative people at ADN.

Having an opportunity to write songs with the many different talented songwriters was amazing because I’m not sure how I would have met those folks trying to break into the music business on my own. I learned so much from these songwriters and found the whole experience both enlightening and inspiring. I particularly liked the fact that they didn’t change my style of writing, but merely added to it and built on it to make it better.

I am so happy with the professional quality of the recording and musicians that played on my demo. I was treated with a sense of respect by all involved which only added to my confidence and excitement about pursuing a career in the music industry.

Thank you so much Cathy. You are the best!!


“Professionalism, Honesty, Connections”

Here’s what you can expect from Cathy Lemmon and her staff at The Artist Development Network: Professionalism, honesty (even if it hurts), the connections you are looking for, the know-how, and the nicest people I have met in a long, long time.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful people, don’t pass it up. They took our “juvenile, unresolved” songs that we had written (that’s that painful honesty part) and turned them into professional pieces of music that I will always be proud of.

The experience of going to Nashville and working with Cathy and her staff is one I will always treasure. I will gladly talk to anyone that is thinking of chasing their dream. We chased ours and caught it.

George Roach and Ron Nilson

“Far Exceeded My Every Expectation!”

Hi Cathy, Thought I’d send you a note to let you know how excited that I am with the services you provided me with. The quality of the recordings, songwriting sessions, photoshoot and vocal coaching were all of greatest value and far exceeded my every expectation!

Brad Tucker

“They Truly Care About Their Clients”

Danika has been singing since she was 7, and the stage is her life. So to be able to turn her dreams into reality, the Artist Development Network has surrounded her with top people in the industry, which really makes a difference in her product. She is on the road to success, and the Artist Development Network is a big part of that. They are very professional with a lot of heart, they truly care about their clients. And we are grateful to be going on this journey with them guiding us as we pursue Danika’s carrer.

All our very best to Cathy and her outstanding team!

Heidi Golombek

“Thank You!”

I have learned a million dollars worth in the last two weeks, I now sound richer and many techniques are already like second nature to me. Thank you soooooooooo much for the opportunity you give me and others with your business, I could never have done something like this without you. I came to Nashville to learn and boy have I ever.

Thank You!

All our very best to Cathy and her outstanding team!


“Cathy is Absolutely Amazing”

Working with the Artist Development Network has completely changed my career as a performing and recording artist.

I’ve been performing country music since I was eight years old. Since that time I’ve looked for a company that would do exactly what these people have done for me. I had the privilege of working with people at the head of the music industry. Cathy is absolutely amazing and personalizes everything. The people I was able to work with were incredible. I worked with inspirational songwriters as well as an unbelievable producer, photographer, vocal coach, and musicians.

I could’ve never accomplished on my own, what I have accomplished with Cathy Lemmon and the Artist Development Network. For that, I thank them all whole-heartedly for putting that extra oomph into my musical journey.

Jasmine Morgan

“I Am Very Happy”

My experience with Cathy Lemmon and the gang at Artist Development Network is one that I will never forget. From the time I stepped foot in their door I was welcomed with open arms.

Cathy promised to put me with great writers and that is exactly what she did. The songs I have written with these writers gives me a great feeling that they will one day soon be big hits!

I knew not one person who could help me break into the music business, but since working with Artist Development Network I have developed those relationships with people who know about the music business and what they are looking for.

I gave the Artist Development Network a chance, and I am so glad that I did! My writing skills have improved tremendously, and I am very happy with all that this company has to offer.

I am looking forward to continuing my project with Artist Development Network and I definitely recommend them to anyone who is trying to break into the music business.

Thanks Artist Development Network!

Kimberly Jensen

“Exceeds Your Expectations”

Cathy Lemmon is not only a hard worker, but is kindhearted and an awesome person. She is always on top of things and working not only on her business hours but on her own time.

Her unselfishness is very inspiring. She will not only get you were you need to be, but exceeds your expectations. Cathy always has a positive and uplifting outlook on the future and what it may bring.

Cathy Lemmon treats her clients not only as employers, but as friends. Without her as our agent, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We thank her for everything she has done for us.

The Whitlock Sisters

“Upfront, Honest, Steadfast”

From the very first phone call to Cathy, The Artist Development Network has been upfront, honest and steadfast I have hope with things that I want to happen with my songs, but they never make me any idle promises.

Sitting down with The Artist Development Network on a Saturday afternoon in July was one of the more exciting highlights of my life. The Artist Development Network led me in directions with my songs that I would have never thought of – a huge learning experience.

The production part of the business was even more exciting, from the studio works to the final CD copy. The quality of their work is EXCELLENT.

Myron Parkerson

“I Will Never Forget”

During this past year, I began to follow my dream of becoming a country singer and headed my way toward Nashville.

Thanks to Cathy Lemmon and her staff, I was able to work with unbelievable and incredible writers and musicians.

Not only was this learning experience so overwhelming, it was really fun. I will never forget it

Sarah Petrella

“Great People and Values”

When I first came to Nashville I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know who to trust. All I wanted was a record deal, and I was willing to take any chance I could to see my dream through. But I didn’t know the amount of work and focus it takes to realize those dreams.

I was put in touch with Cathy Lemmon and Artist Development Network. Although I was wary at first, Cathy Lemmon and the great people at The Artist Development Network took me in and made me feel as if I’d belonged there all along. I was really impressed by the honesty and values Cathy brings to her career.

I am very happy with the job Cathy does, but I am much more proud of the friendships I have made.

Thanks Cathy!

Ryan Weber

“Forever Grateful”

Nashville would not be the same without the Artist Development Network. I am so happy with the work that is being done in this business. They have put so much time and talent into my project.

The Artist Development Network is positive, patient, honest, and hardworking.

I have learned so much from my experience with Cathy and her staff. If there is anyone who cares about you as an artist and making you the best you can be for the country music world, it’s The Artist Development Network. They helped develop me into the performer and artist that I am today.

I will be forever grateful for all their hard work and dedication.

Mikalene Pederson

“Exceeded My Expectations”

My experience working with The Artist Development Network and Cathy Lemmon in Nashville by far exceeded my expectations.

Cathy is a consummate professional who applies herself to the project with great detail and commitment, ensuring that a selection of commercial material is prepared, suitable for the artist to record. Cathy’s vast knowledge of the industry allowed for a successful studio session, ensuring vocals were delivered as precisely and commercially as possible, allowing me to do things that I have never done on stage before. Cathy left no stone unturned and quickly corrected any faults throughout all aspects of the project.

Anita Cox’s unprecedented passion for writing, professional commitment and attention to detail while editing my songs amazed me and allowed the final product to be marketable. Cathy and her The Artist Development Network staff’s personal dedication and commitment to me was a direct reflection of the final product: professional and refined.

Gary Tenneson

“Great People – Great Results!”

The Artist Development Network is a great organization!

They can definitely provide a light in the fog that is “Nashville.”

It would take months of searching on your own to accomplish what ADN can help you do in a week. Great people – great results!

Art Bentley

“Everything Exceeded my Expectations”

I want to thank you, Anita, Corey and The Artist Development Network staff for making my first songwriting experience exciting and enjoyable. I can’t say enough about being treated like one of the family during my trip to Nashville. Everything from the critiques, collaborations, studio experience and my recent demo met all my expectations…and more. I can’t wait to do it all again!

They can definitely provide a light in the fog that is “Nashville.”

Monte Ball


Cathy I want to thank you for the work you did for George and I. The tracks came out great. You, Anita, Jeff and Corey were just fantastic. Tony, Kent and the band were outstanding. Thanks to all of them, I can’t wait to come back.

Bob Vance

“I Can’t Wait to Come Back”

“I had an amazing experience in Nashville! I learned so many new things and met so many great people. Everyone I worked with was extremely nice and helpful. Thanks again for this amazing experience. I can’t wait to come back!”

RaeLyn Hunnicutt

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