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Nashville's Artist Development Network president Cathy Lemmon congratulates artist and songwriter Glen Shelton for his outstanding vocal talent and songwriting skills, in his newly released album featuring Glen's brand new single 'Writing You a Love Song' which is hitting the airwaves the end of July!

See below for a sneak preview at Glen Shelton's single!

When you're done listening, take a moment to call your favorite Country radio stations and request to hear 'WRITING YOU A LOVE SONG', by Glen Shelton!

Congratulation Glen on an amazing song and vocal performance!

“Some songs are just fun, some songs tell a story, and some songs change people’s lives! I am so thankful for the gift I have been given to make a difference in people’s lives through music. Whether it’s just entertaining the crowd with great music, honoring the Veterans/active service and first responders, or sharing uplifting songs for the family, the glory is to God for His grace!”

Glen Shelton