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Meet Cathy Lemmon

Cathy came to Nashville with nothing and learned everything the hard way. Over the last 2 decades, she's been been lucky enough to work Nashville with some of the biggest talents in the industry. Walking others through their music journey has been her true joy and is as natural to her as breathing. Cathy offers the tools needed to better prepare, compete, and create goals towards becoming the next big star (along with real expectations).


Our Nashville Experience

I highly endorse Our Nashville Experience, written by Ed Freeman who is the father of Country Singer/Songwriter Adrianna Freeman. You can download it on Amazon, through Audible.

You will be fascinated with their roller coaster journey as you read about their Nashville experience pursuing Adrianna's country music career spanning a dozen years of ups and downs and record deal opportunities. more

"The passion in Adrianna's voice reminds me of Tammy Wynette, one of my favorite female singers in all of Country music. She had a lot of drive and energy and tenacity to hang in through the difficult times."

Teddy Gentry

member of the super country music trio Alabama 


Nashville's Artist Development Network president Cathy Lemmon congratulates artist and songwriter Glen Shelton for his outstanding vocal talent and songwriting skills, in his newly released album featuring Glen's brand new single 'Writing You a Love Song' which is hitting the airwaves the end of July!

See below to watch/hear a sneak preview at Glen Shelton's single!

When you're done listening, take a moment to call your favorite Country radio stations and request to hear 'WRITING YOU A LOVE SONG', by Glen Shelton!

Congratulation Glen on an amazing song and vocal performance!

Introducing Glen Shelton!

With a new record deal, a single getting ready to chart, and so much talent, Glen is ready for bigger stages and we feel he would be a huge asset to open for any major artist.

Glen has the experience and stage presence to handle any audience, and they will love his voice, his songs, and his humble and inviting personality.

“Some songs are just fun, some songs tell a story, and some songs change people’s lives! I am so thankful for the gift I have been given to make a difference in people’s lives through music. Whether it’s just entertaining the crowd with great music, honoring the Veterans/active service and first responders, or sharing uplifting songs for the family, the glory is to God for His grace!”

Glen Shelton


Caring for our

Loved Ones

I recently found out about a wonderful organization I'd like to share with you. is the leading online destination for seniors and caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

Our Nashville Experience;

Ed Freeman

In Our Nashville Experience, the father of country music sensation Adrianna Freeman recounts in intimate, behind-the-scenes detail his family's persistent 10-year journey through the Nashville, Tennessee, music world, often a place of obstacles for an African American female performer.


Glen Shelton

You will be hearing a lot of Singer / Songwriter Glen Shelton in the coming weeks. With a new record deal and single getting ready to chart, he's got so much talent! Glen's audiences love his voice, his songs, and his humble, inviting personality!


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