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I came to Nashville with nothing and had to learn everything the hard way. Here is my story and how I can help you avoid the mistakes I made.

My twin sister and I grew up singing together throughout high school and college. Both our high school and college yearbooks are filled with notes from friends saying things like, “Good luck with your music, you’re so talented”, “I’m gonna miss your singing”, and “Don’t forget us little people when you’re rich and famous!” Obviously, music was a big part of our lives. We were frequently seen and heard as I played the guitar and my sister and I sang in perfect harmony to cover tunes and songs I had written. We were called ‘The Pitcher Twins”, and in college we went by “C&C”. After my first year of college I got married and moved to California. My sister also married and we went our separate ways.

Time flies by when you’re married, especially when you’re busy raising a family. With 4 children I rarely picked up the guitar anymore, but there was always that void, that inner yearning that needed to be fulfilled. Anyone who is passionate about something knows what I’m talking about. As busy as we get with our everyday lives, that itch does not go away. I knew some how, some day I would revisit that love for music in a big way.

Back in 1993 when I first moved to Nashville I was out singing several nights a week.It was years later I found myself hitting 30 and I wondered, “How will I ever know if I don’t at least give it a shot? I may regret it later if I never even tried to pursue my music.” So in 1993, with lots of prayers and the financial support of my husband, we left California to move to Music City USA. Yup, we made the big move to Nashville. I left all my relatives behind and never looked back.

This was my leap of faith.

My husband stayed in California to work for 6 months while the kids and I lived at a Motel 6 until I could find a house to rent in Nashville. I did not have a clue what I was doing. I did not know who to talk to, where to go, how to get to the right people. It was really tough not having anyone to guide me or give me direction with my career. I did not know who was legitimate or who was a crook. I needed a manager, an agent, someone to show me the steps to reaching my goals. I wish I had someone to help me do what I do everyday now, to get me with great songwriters, producers, and music industry contacts. It would have spared me a couple years of kicking the pavement trying to meet the right people in the business!

A couple years after having my album produced, my producer sent my artist package to a record label in Texas. I was offered a pretty sweet deal: a 3 year, 3 album record deal, a tour bus and a band! They even had a wonderful venue in Las Vegas all ready for me to start performing at! Wow! My dreams had come true! But when it came time to sign the deal… I decided not to. I just wasn’t willing to do what it takes to pull it all together, to prepare myself, to leave my 4 young children at home while I went on the road, etc. It sounded too overwhelming to me, and I honestly could not see myself on the road day in and day out. I wished I had started on this journey way before getting married. At this point in my life, I was just not willing to make that sacrifice. I should have educated myself before deciding I wanted to be a “country star.” I would have spared my family all the inconveniences and hardships as I struggled to get my foot in the door.

But we live and we learn. And boy did I learn! There are so many valuable experiences, so many wonderful music industry contacts who have become my mentors, my associates, and my friends. I was not sure how I was going to fulfill my love for music, but somehow it fell into my lap just as naturally as breathing. It made total sense for me to help others on their music journey, so they can be better prepared, have the tools they need to compete in this industry, and be realistic about their expectations of becoming the next big star.If I can help you succeed, then I have accomplished my purpose.


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