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Once we evaluate your singing abilities we can determine what steps need to be taken to help improve your vocal performance. Usually it includes working with our vocal coaches to teach proper breathing, posture, and helping you with pitch, voice placement, tone, phrasing, vibrato, dynamics and incorporating emotion in your singing. Vocal coaching can help keep your vocal chords strong and healthy for stamina and longevity for your voice so that you don’t sing improperly which can cause serious voice problems including nodules and hoarseness.


We encourage our artists to write their own songs. Most singers who come to us have never written their own songs or their songwriting skills are not strong enough to compete in the music industry. This is why we encourage our artists to co-write with some of Nashville’s seasoned songwriters. Co-writing is an excellent way to collaborate with accomplished songwriters who have a better idea of what is selling for today’s radio market. They can help strengthen your writing skills and polish and perfect your lyrics and melodies. From the importance of the story-line, to the melody and hook, our writers help aspiring singers get the best songs written that fit their style and personality. These professional songwriters have had many years of experience right here on Music Row, and they understand how to take your song to the next level.

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It’s vitally important to get a great demo for showcasing your vocal and songwriting talent. Choosing the studio, producer, musicians and back ground singers is crucial to the quality of your demo. At the Artist Development Network, we use the best producers, musicians, vocalists, and engineers, to ensure the very best final mixes for our clients. Getting it done right the first time will save you time and money and lot of headaches!

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Once your songs are written and produced we will help you create an electronic press kit (EPK) which includes your photos, bio, and a few of your best songs. The EPK is used to represent you to the music industry including talent buyers, booking agents, record labels, producers, managers, and anyone who may be interested in helping you further your music career. Music Videos and Video EPKs are a popular trend these days. We have an excellent video team who will capture footage of your recording session, work on a concept/story based on one of your songs, film you performing live or in the studio, and edit the footage to create a professional video EPK.

Sometimes when a label or company is interested in the artist or band, a showcase is recommended to show the industry how good the act performs in front of an audience. Normally we choose a venue when the artist can perform at least a half hour show and we invite the music industry to the show. Sometimes I even have my best artists sing in front of a label executive in their office or conference room.

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We like to record our clients singing at open mic venues and then give constructive criticism on their performance skills. This liver performance coaching covers everything from how you walk, talk, carry yourself on stage, your body language, choreography, vocal performance, and communicating with the audience as well as with your band. Live performance coaching is absolutely necessary for a tighter, smoother, professional presentation on stage.

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