Our Nashville Experience

I highly endorse 'Our Nashville Experience', written by Ed Freeman who is the father of Country Singer/Songwriter Adrianna Freeman. You can download it on Amazon, through Audible HERE.

You will be fascinated with their roller coaster journey as you read about their Nashville experience pursuing Adrianna's country music career spanning a dozen years of ups and downs and record deal opportunities.

As president and owner of the Artist Development Network in Nashville, TN I met Ed Freeman when he called me one day when he saw my office sign on music row and asked if he could drop off his daughter's cd and invite me to her upcoming showcase. 

The cd album was Adrianna covering some old, great country standards made famous by country stars like Patsy Cline.

I listened to the cd and I was very honest with Ed. I told him Adrianna had a very nice voice and was a pretty good singer, but that I felt she was not ready to do a label showcase. Her vocals were cut too low on the tracks and her vibrato was too heavy, like an opera singer. I advised Ed not to do the showcase, that his daughter needed more development and original songs, not cover tunes.

Ed had explained to me that the cd album Adrianna recorded were pre-recorded instrumental tracks that she recorded her vocals on, which I realized was why the key was too low for her range, and why Adrianna's vocals were so low.

We ended up signing a development deal and I had the privilege of working with Adrianna during the beginning of her musical success. I had her working with talented Nashville songwriters to help develop her writing skills, helping her with vocal coaching, improving her image, stage presence, and producing some of her most amazing songs that she had co-written with a few of our pro songwriters. Kent Wells and Tony Smith were her producers, and with her new demo I was off to the labels pitching her music. Here is one of Adrianna Freeman's original songs produced through the Artist Development Network with Kent Wells and Tony Smith as her producer.

Find out what happens when I take Adrianna into the office of Curb Records to meet with VP Doug Johnson.

In the meantime, give a listen to Adrianna's song, 'Thinkin' Bout Thinkin' below, then download the 'Our Nashville Experience' audio book; you will quickly be hooked on Adrianna's incredible country music adventure!

Our Nashville Experience

I highly endorse Our Nashville Experience, written by Ed Freeman who is the father of Country Singer/Songwriter Adrianna Freeman.

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