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Bethany La Deaux

SEP 8, 2018


At only 15 years of age, artist and songwriter Bethany La Deaux is already paving the way toward a successful music career. She’s been listening to music, writing music, and singing ever since she can remember. Music has been Bethany’s greatest passion.

As a young girl, Bethany took piano lessons, and throughout middle school, was actively involved in the choir. Then in high school, Bethany made the cut for the 2020 WORLD CHOIR GAMES.

Just recently Bethany moved to Nashville from Washington State. This past spring she worked with Nashville songwriters and recorded 5 of her original songs that are a cool modern Pop dance style of music.

She has a quite interesting taste for a young teen. Some of Bethany’s musical influences include Harry Styles, The 1975, Queen, and Lordes. Regarding these artists, Beth says, “I love the way they express their emotion through their music”Bethany is already an accomplished pianist, talented singer and songwriter, and she has been performing for years, developing her own unique style of Alternative Pop. She enjoys poetry which she says contributes to her songwriting.

“I love the art of words and the beautiful images it can create”

“I love the art of words and the beautiful images it can create,” Bethany says, and she has always been an artistic person and adds, “I’d probably go crazy without art “.

Bethany LaDeaux’s goal is to become a successful recording artist and continue to share her passion for music through her recorded songs and vocal performances.

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You can follow Bethany on social mediainstagram @ b3thlousie facebook @ louiseladeaux

Cathy Lemmon


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Cathy came to Nashville with nothing and learned everything the hard way. Over the last 2 decades, she’s been been lucky enough to work Nashville with some of the biggest talents in the industry. Walking others through their music journey has been her true joy and is as natural to her as breathing. Cathy offers the tools needed to better prepare, compete, and create goals towards becoming the next big star (along with real expectations).

Bethany La Deaux

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