Focused Marketing for “Our Girl” Song

Back in May of 2009, Sam Priest arrived in Nashville to begin his songwriting sessions with our talented co-writers. Sam, being the quality Texan he is, brought his wit and humor and talent. Cathy Lemmon scheduled David Harper (on staff here) and Sam together and they took an instant liking to each other, writing two beautiful songs, Plan B and Our Girl.

It was too late to market “Our Girl” to parents of graduating seniors and college grads in June of 2009. David put the song up on his Myspace and was flooded with people asking if they could get a copy for their daughter’s graduation video. This year was a different story and David & Sam went straight to Youtube in April 2010. Here’s how two savvy songwriters turned a specialty song about a girl’s graduation into $$

Example Video: 1 Evening of Hard Work collecting pictures, syncing the audio

Meta Tag Research: 1 Evening of Hard Work, a bit of tweaking

Website Hosting:     10.00 and you can probably do this for FREE

URL Domain:             9.00 this is important, you want to keep it year to year

Total cost:                  2 evenings and $19

It’s been less than a month and the song Our Girl already shows up on Google’s page 1 if you type graduation songs 2010. That’s progress. They sell the song directly to end users and bypass Itunes and all the other slow and bulky distribution points.

And every year, Our Girl will be the gift that keeps on giving. It says exactly what most parents want to say to their kids at graduation time.

Thank you Sam & David for sharing your story.

Chloe Jayne La Deaux

Meet 19-year-old singer/songwriter Chloe Jayne La Deaux. Born in Bournemouth England to a musical family, Chloe Jayne left England with her parents at the tender age of four months, and moved to a small town called Port Orchard in Washington State.

From Past to Present — God Bless America!

Cathy Lemmon, president of the Artist Development Network in Nashville, TN congratulates songwriter Gustavo Perales for writing this beautiful and powerful song, “FROM PAST TO PRESENT”. The song is in honor of all our men and women from around the country who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis, to protect and defend our great United States of America.

Keep America Alive

Our country depends on YOUR vote. We need to protect and uphold our Constitution, our liberty, rights, freedoms, to Keep GOD as the center of our lives, to keep our country strong and independent, and uphold our values! My good friend Cari Lynn York wrote this powerful new song with co-writers Jennifer Leslie Ferguson and Karen Rae Mitchell called KEEP AMERICA ALIVE. Cari Lynn recorded it last week. I hope you enjoy it! And let’s each do our part to keep America alive!