ADN Presents Corey Barker’s Song Parody “Before He Eats”

One of our songwriters wrote this funny song “Before He Eats” which is a parody to Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats.” Corey has been a songwriter for ADN for several years now, and we love and appreciate his sense of humor, and the great, more light-hearted songs he brings to the table for our songwriter and artist clients who co-write with him.

Corey also wrote the popular parody on the Tracy Lawrence song “Paint Me A Birmingham” with the Cletus Judd hit “Bake Me A Country Ham” that you’ve probably heard on the radio around Thanksgiving and this time of year! Congratulations Corey, for your talent, hard work, and success! You deserve it!

You can read Corey Barker’s bio below to learn more about his accomplishments as a songwriter here in Nashville, TN!


  • LAST CHANCE HIGHWAY theme song airing on ANIMAL PLANET every Saturday night
  • UNLIKELY ANGEL debut single for Warner Brothers recording artist JASON JONES
  • “I Know Somebody Who Would” cut by BILL ANDERSON and THE JORDANAIRES
  • “If Only I Could” on Season 5 of SMALLVILLE
  • HEROES AND ANGELS chosen as theme song for World War2 Veterans conference in Las Vegas
  • Scored the entire sound track for the independent comedy film BIRTH OF A LEGEND
  • “Smalltown memory lane” on GRAMMY winning album “Come share the wine” – Jimmy Sturr

Major artist cuts include…

  • CLEDUS T JUDD (single – “Bake Me a Country Ham” 2004)

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From Past to Present — God Bless America!

Cathy Lemmon, president of the Artist Development Network in Nashville, TN congratulates songwriter Gustavo Perales for writing this beautiful and powerful song, “FROM PAST TO PRESENT”. The song is in honor of all our men and women from around the country who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis, to protect and defend our great United States of America.

Keep America Alive

Our country depends on YOUR vote. We need to protect and uphold our Constitution, our liberty, rights, freedoms, to Keep GOD as the center of our lives, to keep our country strong and independent, and uphold our values! My good friend Cari Lynn York wrote this powerful new song with co-writers Jennifer Leslie Ferguson and Karen Rae Mitchell called KEEP AMERICA ALIVE. Cari Lynn recorded it last week. I hope you enjoy it! And let’s each do our part to keep America alive!