Step By Step Path to Professional Singer

I am a professional singer/songwriter in Nashville TN. Like most music industry veterans, the first years of my career were spent on stage, learning to entertain a crowd. And while the music business has taken me an a very long journey, as of 2009, it’s all come full circle and right back to the stage.

If you desire a career as a singer, I can save you years of wasted effort and get you on the right track to success. Having a concrete path and expert advise will get you where you need to go. You have the talent. I have the wisdom and the knowledge you’ll need to get started properly, taking the right steps in the right order.

Candidly, it’s too easy to get sidetracked with things that don’t matter in our business. Let me help you get your career into focus and assist you in realizing your dreams.

In my e-book you’ll learn the following:

· A little history of the record business, and why things have changed.
· Why it’s critical to start performing and find your fan base now.
· What gigs are out there, and what to expect from them.
· How to make money and handle your career as your business.
· How to start a band one piece at a time, in the right order, step by step.
· The honest 411 about working with musicians on stage and in the studio.
· The three (3) essential ingredients for studio success.
· The truth about MySpace and wanna-be virtual “stars”.
· The importance of hit songs, and how to co-write radio ready songs with help.
· The importance of getting your recordings done professionally—the first time.
· Why vocal coaching is so important to stage and studio.
· How important image is today and how you can get “camera ready” with help.
· How to employ your fans for maximum results.
· The truth about do-it-yourself stardom.
· Recording labels will come calling “if…”
· The professional networks that are out there to help you right now.

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Glen Shelton

Nashville’s Artist Development Network president Cathy Lemmon congratulates artist and songwriter Glen Shelton for his outstanding vocal talent and songwriting skills, in his newly released album featuring Glen’s brand new single ‘Writing You a Love Song’ which is hitting the airwaves the end of July!

Chloe Jayne La Deaux

Meet 19-year-old singer/songwriter Chloe Jayne La Deaux. Born in Bournemouth England to a musical family, Chloe Jayne left England with her parents at the tender age of four months, and moved to a small town called Port Orchard in Washington State.

From Past to Present — God Bless America!

Cathy Lemmon, president of the Artist Development Network in Nashville, TN congratulates songwriter Gustavo Perales for writing this beautiful and powerful song, “FROM PAST TO PRESENT”. The song is in honor of all our men and women from around the country who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis, to protect and defend our great United States of America.