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Linda Marie; Artist of the Year, Sweden 2015! 

At an early age Linda Marie knew she wanted to sing and perform on stage and she was destined to have a music career. Born and raised in Degerfors, Sweden, Linda enjoyed nature, riding her horse in the woods, and getting out to perform every chance she could get.

How to Get Your Song on the Radio 

If you want to make it in the music business then you’ve got to get a #1 hit on the radio… but how do you do that? The good ol’ days of sending your song to the radio station are long gone, so if you want to get on the radio you need to work …

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Peek Behind the Scenes with a Concert Tour Manager 

I recently sat down with tour manager Ronnie Palmer to talk about what happens when the recording is all done and it’s time to hit the road. Artists are not earning as much money from CD sales as they were in previous decades. Too many music lovers are stealing money from artists, songwriters, publishers, and record labels …

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Country Music Outside the USA 

As the CEO of an artist development company and a publishing catalog it is my job to stay up on the latest trends in the music industry. One of the places I go to stay up to date is BMI’s Music World. The July 28th article Writing and Placing Songs Internationally is a “must read” …

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Veteran Performance Coach Reveals His #1 Live Performance Tip 

Buzzy Orange began entertaining live audiences way back in 1964. Since then he’s gone on to coach some of the biggest names in Nashville. I recently sat down with Buzzy and asked him for his best tips on how to connect with live audiences. Here’s what Buzzy revealed in our 9-minute interview… His #1 live …

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Grammy-Winning Producer Shares His Music Business Insights 

Over the last 20 years I’ve seen incredible changes in the music industry. I never dreamed it would be so cheap and easy to set up a home recording studio. Now anyone and everyone is calling themselves a “producer” because they have a little studio in their basement. These home studios are fine for recording demos but if …

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“Love Song For My Father” Just in Time for Father’s Day 

We are proud to announce the single release of Love Song For My Father, recorded by Canadian artist Murray Williams. Love Song For My Father was written by Larry Wayne Clark and our client Chet A. Blum, and is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. Download on CD Baby » Download on iTunes »

Redneck Romeos Reveal How to Win the Hearts of Live Audiences 

If you want to make a living playing music then you need a loyal fans… but you aren’t going to get them on Facebook. The most effective way to win the hearts of adoring fans is to get out and play live shows as much as you can. I know it sounds old-fashioned but it is true! As …

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Chart Climbing Artist Explains Why You Need Original Songs 

With a hot new music video, a single that is quickly climbing the charts, a full page featured in the popular COUNTRY WEEKLY MAGAZINE, and finishing up a 6 week tour to over 136 Hastings Music stores, Tim Hadler is making quite a buzz with his traditional country sound. For nearly 11 years, Tim has played to sold …

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Songwriting Tips from Pro Songwriter Bill Diluigi 

Could you imagine if your job was to go to work every day and write songs? This is the life Bill Diluigi is living! His songs have been recorded all over the world and he has had songs in the BILLBOARD and AMERICANA TOP 100. His songs have been used in CW’s Heart of Dixie, …

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ADN Songwriters Get 2 Songs Included in New Family Film “A Warriors Heart” 

I am excited to announce the release of the film “A WARRIOR’S HEART” that contains 2 songs written by our clients Burning Daylight and our own ADN writers. The two songs featured on the film are “Breaking Tradition” co-written by ADN writer Julie Burton and “Deep Breath” co-written by ADN writer David Harper. Both are …

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Scott Nicol’s New Video: “New York City’s Summer Day” 

Scott is a talented singer, musician, and songwriter from Scotland and he’s making his way to the U.S with his great songs and amazing live shows! I have had the pleasure of meeting Scott here in Nashville, and having him sing in my office, and he’s the real deal! TWIST OF LEMMON MUSIC has co-published …

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