Peek Behind the Scenes with a Concert Tour Manager

I recently sat down with tour manager Ronnie Palmer to talk about what happens when the recording is all done and it’s time to hit the road.

Artists are not earning as much money from CD sales as they were in previous decades. Too many music lovers are stealing money from artists, songwriters, publishers, and record labels by not purchasing their music, and it has hurt the music industry more than people can imagine.

It’s  become necessary for artists to make their money on the road performing as much as possible. I learned a lot about the responsibilities of an effective tour manager by talking with Ronny Palmer.

Check out the interview and get some valuable tips on the importance of having a dependable tour manager to make your shows run smoothly!


  1. says

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    • Cathy Lemmon says

      Excellent credits, thank you for reaching out. I got your message 2 years later, so please send me your current contact info. 🙂
      Cathy Lemmon

  2. ronny says

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