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More Songwriting Tips and Lessons 

Lesson 6 From The 23 Critical Songwriters Mistakes E-Book This lesson expresses one of the important factors of choosing the right song. It’s not just about having a song as good as a number one hit, it’s about having a song that’s better than the number one hit. Watch the video for this critical songwriting lesson.

Do You Have a Vision for Your Singing Career? 

Think about all the magnificent and amazing things around us; the architecture of all the different buildings, the beautiful landscaping, the variety of fashion in clothes and shoes we wear, our jewelry and accessories, the furniture we sit on, cars we drive, books we read, games we play, all those delicious recipes of foods we …

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Why is Image so Important? 

Taking the time to figure out who you are as an artist, and what kind of lasting impression you want for your fans visually, is just as important as the music you create and perform.  I see many artists spending very little time on their image, which should be part of their overall “package.” If you want to …

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The Artist and the Woodpecker 

I attended college as a returning student at the age of 27. My world had little in common with the 18-20 year old kids that were there to see how much beer they could drink. I really enjoyed learning at that stage of my life. And while I have forgotten much of what I was …

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Essence of Songwriting 

The song is everything. While my A&R and staff songwriter, David Harper and I were shooting a songwriting video segment for our newly launched website, veteran songwriter Jeff Pearson stopped by right in the middle of taping. I was so excited to see my good friend after a couple of years of him leaving Nashville to …

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Step By Step Path to Professional Singer 

I am a professional singer/songwriter in Nashville TN. Like most music industry veterans, the first years of my career were spent on stage, learning to entertain a crowd. And while the music business has taken me an a very long journey, as of 2009, it’s all come full circle and right back to the stage. …

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Jason Jones Records Single by ADN Writers 

Congratulations to ADN client Constance Mottle Richard, along with her co-writers Anita Cox and Corey Barker! This trio wrote a song called “Unlikely Angel” which was recently released as the debut single for Warner Bros. artist Jason Jones. Have you heard it yet? It’s blowing up the airwaves! Just let me know when you are …

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Get Noticed at the Nashville Palace 

Nashville is an exciting city… music dominates this town! Take the Nashville Palace, for example… here’s a Country bar/ restaurant where country legend Randy Travis once worked as a dishwasher! The servers who worked there were always invited to get up and sing with the house band, and Randy Travis frequently performed with the band. …

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Your Story Needed for Reality TV Show! 

I was recently in New York City pitching my reality TV show concept to an executive at a major media company. Here is the spectacular view from his 52nd floor penthouse, in downtown NYC: He is flying to Nashville this week to talk further about my show idea. We need some interesting *real* stories from …

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ADN Artist Featured on 

I have some exciting news I would like to share with you… One of our clients, Cassidy Lynn, was recently featured on CMT Music City Madness 3 for her hit new single and video “Down by the Bonfire.” Artist Development Network was not a part of the video production, however, the co-writing and actual song …

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