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ADN Presents Singer/Songwriter Courtney Yovich in the song “Happy To Be Here” 

We are so excited and honored to present the young and beautiful Miss Courtney Yovich!  It’s hard to believe she’s only 13 years old!  Japanese/German background, this talented guitarist and singer/songwriter also plays bass and piano.  The song “Happy To Be Here” which Courtney is singing in this home-spun video produced by her dad Matt Yovich, …

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Milking the Demographics in Country Music 

Country music has taken on a new direction over the last decade. I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s rock. Get the right guitar tones mixed in with hard hittin’ drummers and you’ve got a great start on a modern day “country” song. I’m no traditionalist. I’m all for it. Crank it the $%^& up! I love …

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Have You Checked Your Ego Lately? 

Today I want to talk at you a little bit about ego. It’s something I know a little about. No one really gets to be my age without a few reality checks. I’ve lived proud. I’ve lived humble. The perfect place for most people, and me is somewhere in the middle, tilting towards humble. In …

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How Original Is Your “Original” Music? 

I’m thankful that I’ve spent the bulk of my musical career in film and television. One of the interesting aspects of visual media is that success is based on ratings. Ratings are not usually related to much more than what holds people’s attention. Its open season every day in TV land and the show, that …

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Fast Food and Songwriting 

I’ve noticed a new trend lately in American fast food restaurants. Value Meals are creeping up everywhere! Maybe it’s the recession. Maybe it’s just time. I guess we got tired of super-sizing and now we’ve moved on to anything under a buck. God help us. Lately my life has been so “in the office” that …

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Professional Techniques for Singers and Songwriters 

“Audiences are so visual in their orientation that an artist’s visual connection with an audience has incredible power. Think about it. Your perception of everything around you is influenced by how it looks. So many artists are mistaken by thinking that people are only there to listen and that the music is everything. But they …

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Congratulations to our Pop Artist, Drea Chamberlain! 

Congratulations to our Pop artist, Drea Chamberlain, for landing this amazing billboard ad in New Jersey! Doesn’t she look awesome!? These photos came from her photo shoot in Nashville with the talented photographer, Amanda Van Sandt! Drea was the star of a television series in Pittsburgh last October. The producer would like her to make …

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Music Festival for Songwriters 

It was my great privilege to attend the 25th annual Frank Brown International Songwriting Festival this weekend held at various venues along the Alabama/Florida gulf coast. Frank Brown was a night watchman at the popular “Flora-Bama” club, and his love for songwriters gave him the urge to get his favorite writers together to perform every …

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Congrats to Songwriter Client for Great Patriotic Christmas Song! 

LeeAnn Bone and her husband came to Nashville last year to co-write with some of the Artist Development Network’s seasoned songwriters. LeeAnn was inspired to write this patriotic song, “Home For Christmas,” due to the current conflict in the Middle East and living in a Military community. So many heroes have gone without knowing our …

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Suiting the Record Label, Keeping the Artist’s Creativity 

Are you a suit or a poet? I’d like to think of myself as a poet when I can be, but a suit when I have to be. Deep down, I want to be a poet, or one of those starving artists so dedicated to the craft of creating material with artistic integrity that I …

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Art vs. Commerce-The Business Of Music 

Years ago, I took my first day-job, selling TVs and stereos. The town was Berkeley, CA and it was a crazy 8-hour day. I remember talking to PhDs there, with a fine assortment of pens in their pockets, drooling over televisions with that I want this so bad look. Of course, all the while they …

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Perfecting Your Live Performance — Vital for Your Singing Career 

Click play to watch this live performance video critique “Why Is Live Performance So Vital?” Everyone wants to be a singer. Everyone wants to be a star. But I’m always surprised when I find out that some of these same people have never sung in public, never been on stage, never performed with a band. …

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