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Star Quality — Unlocking The Star Quality In You 

Artist Development Network’s David Harper discusses what makes stars so special. If you’re an aspiring singer or singer-songwriter, this video is a must watch.

7 Steps to Singing Success for the Studio 

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Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift And You 

If I were to ask you why you want to be a recording artist or a singer/songwriter … what would your answer be? I would really love to hear these answers in our blog, by the way! For most of us, I’d say the dream begins early on. For myself, I decided I would be …

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Five Healthy Habits For Musical Artists 

Today, I’m going to take you on a quick tour of healthy habits. All musical artists need to stay in shape, physically and mentally. Let’s talk about the social and mental aspects that keep an artist in the game for the long haul. For the most part, these points will be subjective, but, this is …

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The Artist Development Network Congratulates Chet Blum 

The Artist Development Network would like to congratulate Chet Blum for his talents and accomplishments as a song writer! Chet came on board as a song writer client in 2009, and he’s an example of what all serious song writers should be doing…..Chet is always writing, always promoting his songs, networking with other writers and …

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Drive North – Call Me In An Hour 

True story: When I was 18 I played in some small time road bands. We were so completely faithful that we’d get gigs from our agent that we would literally get in the van, packed full of musical equipment, and do exactly as our agent instructed us to: we’d drive north and call him in …

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What the “Digital Download Era” Means for Artist 

As we put a decade behind us, I feel it is important to look back at where we came from, and to look forward to where we are going. We all know how the digital downloading epidemic affected the music industry, as the better part of the last decade consisted of product flying out the …

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An Artist’s Drama in the Music Industry 

We humans are interesting creatures. Artists take intersting to a whole new level. And while we usually have an abundance of creativity, looks, talent, great singing voices, etc., we also share all the everyday, common human flaws that can be found in just about anyone. Here’s a little ditty… about Jack and Diane. What a …

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Country’s Night At The Grammy Awards 

I hope you all had your TV’s tuned in to the 52nd annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday night. If not, you missed out on one of Country music’s biggest nights at the awards in years! With Taylor Swift and the Zac Brown Band taking home two huge awards, it was truly a wonderful night …

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An Artist’s Instrument 

I grew up in a nice, upper-middle class neighborhood in San Mateo, California. I was both blessed and cursed. The blessing was that I had two living breathing parents that both lived under the same roof. The curse was that I had inherited one (against my will) who was surely the cheapest father in the …

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Better Melodies for an Artist’s Song 

Today we’re going to talk a bit about melody. As a lifelong songwriter, I can tell you honestly that melody has been the hardest part of songwriting for me. It’s the thing that took the longest to get my arms around, and the last thing I really became focused on. My progression toward writing quality …

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ADN Artist Danika Kary Promotes Music with New Video! 

The Artist Development Network artist, Danika Kary, is a 14-year-old future super star! We are so proud of her! She’s become quite a talented songwriter, and she’s an example of what it takes to make it in this competitive market….SELF-PROMOTING! Danika is getting music videos produced in her home town, to help promote her music. The major …

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