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Joe and Kristin Sins Music Video Debut 

We are thrilled to share this exciting new debut music video of Joe and Kristin Sins. It’s a sad song  called “Cheating on Each Other” written by a talented singer who worked with the Artist Development Network a few years ago and co-wrote the song with one of our talented songwriters Joe Sins. Joe and …

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Stars vs Dreamers 

Working in the music industry for over 30 years now, first as a performer/ singer-songwriter for 10 years, and then as an A&R person who evaluates both vocal and songwriting talent as president of the Artist Development Network, one thing I have observed is what separates the serious artists from those who are just dreamers. …

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Keith Morrison Burns Up the Airwaves 

Our Country male artist Keith Morrison is making a name for himself, performing regularly with his band and getting rave reviews. His song “They’ve Been Gone Too Long”, co-written with former MCA artist and hit songwriter Marty Brown, is making it’s way to the top of hundreds of radio stations throughout the U.S. It’s a …

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Would You Chase Your Dream Across the World? 

This is the story of a woman who was willing to chase her dream across the world. Mirka had a successful recording career in South Africa but decided to “go country” so I helped her get a visa so she could come to Nashville. We put her with some amazing songwriters that would fit the …

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15 Year Old Canadian Artist’s New Video 

Here’s our young 15 year old Canadian artist Dani Lynn. We are so proud of how hard she works on her music and live performances. Keep up the great job, Dani Lynn!

ADN Presents Corey Barker’s Song Parody “Before He Eats” 

One of our songwriters wrote this funny song “Before He Eats” which is a parody to Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats.” Corey has been a songwriter for ADN for several years now, and we love and appreciate his sense of humor, and the great, more light-hearted songs he brings to the table for our songwriter …

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Congratulations to ADN’s rock artist, Jett Mason! 

The KWP Summer Concert Series is proving to be a great success, with key industry executives in regular attendance and a quickly multiplying fan base for each of our artists! The series held at 12th & Porter features incredible talent and diversity that we’re proud to have representing us. From the artistry of heartfelt traditional …

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ADN Songwriter Lands a Song on “America’s Got Talent” 

We are so excited and happy to announce some really fantastic news about our songwriter James Breedwell. Besides co-writing with many of our clients, James Breedwell hosts several songwriter’s nights here in Nashville where many of our songwriter and artist clients have had the privilege to perform their originals songs. The amazing 10 year old …

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Artist Develpment Network Presents Courtney Yovich 

Meet young 14 year old Courtney Yovich!  She’s the kind of girl who lights up a room with her cheerful personality and sweet disposition.  Plus, this young teen has a ton of talents from playing guitar and piano to writing her own songs and singing her own unique style: Country/Pop with some Jazz. The Artist …

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Focused Marketing for “Our Girl” Song 

Back in May of 2009, Sam Priest arrived in Nashville to begin his songwriting sessions with our talented co-writers. Sam, being the quality Texan he is, brought his wit and humor and talent. Cathy Lemmon scheduled David Harper (on staff here) and Sam together and they took an instant liking to each other, writing two …

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Karen Staley’s FEMA parody to the song “Fever” 

Hello friends, Karen Staley is one of my favorite songwriters here in Nashville.  She has written so many awesome songs for clients with the Artist Development Network.  With the terrible rain storms we experienced in Nashville a few weeks ago, many homes were destroyed. Karen’s home is one that was flooded, and we’d like to …

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The Key West Songwriter’s Festival 

The 2010 Key West Songwriters Festival just wrapped up last week in Key West, Florida, and I was lucky enough to attend it this year. What an incredible environment for soaking up some songwriting knowledge, and a few rays! Randy Houser kicked off the festival with a bang, performing a string of hits with his …

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